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Dark Emerald Cornerstone Keepsake

The Dark Emerald Cornerstone Keepsake cultured marble urn is presented in a simple, yet classic design. This urn can be used as the keepsake size for the Dark Emerald U1-CM-20,or the Forest Green U1-OA-5. Unlike competitive products, this urn is fully finished, hand polished and hand colored so that each and every urn is unique, just like natural marble.


  • Hand crafted
  • Hand polished
  • Hand colored (each is unique)
  • Personalization via all levels of our laser engraving
  • With our plaque all levels of our laser engraving are available
  • Seals with a threaded bung
  • 31 cu in capacity

  Width: 3 34"
  Height: 2 34"
  Length: 4 34"

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